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    In rome

    Taking pictures and drawing while working in the IT field. That's me. I am essentially a minimalist. If you look here you can understand what I mean. I have a flickr account, where you can also find some of my drawings. You can see my stock gallery at photoshelter. Stay tuned.

  • Jit Ray

    Jit Ray

    In mumbai

    I work as a creative director with a magazine publishing house in Mumbai, formerly Bombay. However, my home town is Calcutta, now rechristened as Kolkata. I have a wandering heart and have realised that photography is one way by which I can earn my freedom from the big city life. Hopefully one day with all your help, I can fulfill my dream of traveling the world and bringing back the innocence and magic that disappeared over the years of growing up.

  • Kate Blood

    Kate Blood

    In Silicon Valley

    freelance food/travel writer and photographer

  • Manuela Ortiz

    Manuela Ortiz

    In Adelaide

  • Tiffany Maleshefski

    Tiffany Maleshefski

    In San Francisco

    I am a cocktail connoisseur, spa-junkie, who can't get enough of Marfa, Texas. The San Francisco Examiner's esteemed bar columnist, and senior editor of Everywhere Magazine. When not on the prowl for offbeat tourist traps, I'm usually found seated comfortably in lush lounges sipping sidecars, or dirty dive bars slinging whiskey.

  • Todd Lappin

    Todd Lappin

    In San Francisco, thankfully.

    I am ostensibly the Fleet Management Officer for Telstar Logistics, a leading provider of integrated services to clients worldwide. In reality, I'm the editor of Everywhere Magazine. Shhhhhhhh.

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