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  • Alessandra Cellini

    Alessandra Cellini

    In San Francisco

    I am ... from everywhere :-) I moved every other year throughout my childhood, all over the world and ended up in Malindi, Kenya which became HOME. If you were to ask, I'd say I am from Kenya, and you would probably look at me funny. But it's true xo I love art (mostly drawing), ocean colors, the sun, sushi and old used things. I love stories.

  • Anne Beach

    Anne Beach

    In North Carolina, but wishes she were traveling.

    I am a retired teacher and find renewal in travel, but my budget usually wrecks my aspirations, so (Can you hear me sigh?), I'm searching for outside the box ways to get me out of my little box in Raleigh, NC. I like my little Raleigh box, but when I travel I feel my finger on the pulse of the world, I am moved by the commonality of human experience, my heart beats faster, my mind is enlivened, and my soul is fed. In 2006 I went to Rome, Italy; Ethiopia and Kenya, but my obsession was only exa

  • Brandon Vogel

    Brandon Vogel

    In Boston

    I am a lover of the Chicago Cubs and old country music allowing me to make two unsubstantiated claims as: 1) The saddest person alive at any given moment, and 2) The only living sportswriter with a tattoo of Johnny Cash on his arm. My writing has appeared on and among other various web venues. Originally from Nebraska, I now live outside of Boston in Somerville, Mass.

  • Gijs Bekenkamp

    Gijs Bekenkamp

    In Groningen, the Netherlands

    Hi there, my name is Gijs Bekenkamp. I'm the owner of 945, a photography and graphic design company in the Netherlands.

  • jane linders

    jane linders

    In st. louis

    I am a freelance photographer who lives in St. Louis, MO, USA. I specialize in alternative process photography, such as polaroid transfers, emulsion lifts, black and white infrared and cyanotypes. My favorite places to photograph is cemeterys.

  • Jennifer


    . . .

    I am an aspiring writer, global nomad, and avid collector of things from around the world (including enough stamps to require lots of extra passport pages...)

  • Matthew Bennion

    Matthew Bennion

    In Switzerland (Lausanne)

    I love lamp.

  • Paul Cloutier

    Paul Cloutier

    In San Francisco

    I'm a co-founder of this site and i love seeing how it evolves and what you guys do with it. I enjoy seeing great architecture and traveling in the american west.

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