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The Masai Shepherds of Kenya

Photo Essay written 20 July 2008

One rarely gets an opportunity to see the Masai at work except in a "Just for tourists" mock village, so I felt privileged to have even a few views of the stunning red and black cloaked shepherds and some young boys, not yet initiated into manhood.

Shocking Pink is the Color of the Day at Lake Nakuru National Park in Kenya

Photo Essay written 19 July 2008

You might hate those ubiquitous faded pink flamingoes in your neighbor's yard, so it's almost a shock to actually see thousands of flamingoes standing there before you in all their natural glory.

Good Samaritan Story for Travelers Along Another Road and in Another Place

Story written 19 July 2008

One of the concerns of travel is the possibility of an accident or health crisis far from home and family. Here is a story of a random sampling of humanity making one stranger's survival their only priority, and I hope this story is a model of what would be offered to strangers everywhere.

How to Have Your Friends Not Roll Their Eyes When You Pull Out Your Travel Pictures to Share

How To written 16 July 2008

You have asked some friends over to share your precious travel pictures, how do you make sure they are still your friends when they go home?

List of Friendly Reminders for a Friendly Family Reunion

List written 15 July 2008

Family reunions are like a beautiful, well-loved face with a big wart on the nose. Just because the reunion is not perfect doesn't mean it should not be cherished.

Budget Safari in Masai Mara, Kenya

Photo Essay written 13 July 2008

Middle America should not eliminate the possibility of safari from their dream journeys.

To Walk the Appian Way in Rome Is To Retrace the Steps of Its History

Photo Essay written 12 July 2008

The Appian Way, or the Via Appia, was a major artery of a road that nourished and led to the heart of Rome.

Eleven Reasons I Expected to Die on My Trip to Africa

List written 9 July 2008

I really had an abiding sense I would die when I went to Africa. I mean how would someone so naive, so broke, so lost, so inexperienced, so clueless, and so out of shape survive?

Vacation on the Same Island for 60 Years and Your Vacation Also Becomes a Pilgrimage

Photo Essay written 9 July 2008

Family vacation houses offer a constancy of place that nurtures us as the decades and the inevitable changes roll over our lives and generations.

Play for Keeps at the Marbles Kids Museum in Raleigh, NC

Photo Essay written 6 July 2008

Bring your kids to a museum where they forget about all the electronic gadgets and knuckle down to discover the basic play values that are universal and healthy for even the most modern child.

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I am a retired teacher and find renewal in travel, but my budget usually wrecks my aspirations, so (Can you hear me sigh?), I'm searching for outside the box ways to get me out of my little box in Raleigh, NC. I like my little Raleigh box, but when I travel I feel my finger on the pulse of the world, I am moved by the commonality of human experience, my heart beats faster, my mind is enlivened, and my soul is fed. In 2006 I went to Rome, Italy; Ethiopia and Kenya, but my obsession was only exa