Photo: Dolores Park, BYOB

Place: Dolores Park, San Francisco, California, United States

Sloan Schang

By Sloan Schang
Uploaded on 17 May 2008
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Dolores Park, BYOB

I happened to be in San Francisco during a rare run of 90+ degree days. In this city where air conditioning is rarer than Republicans, a superheated weekday is almost the equivalent of a Midwestern snow day. Computer servers were crashing, commuter trains were backing up, and at least one man walked downtown streets muttering, "It's too hot...too hot...we're screwed." But at 4:00 on Friday afternoon, people poured from stuffy old office buildings and sweltering Victorian flats to revel in the breeze and views of city oases like this, the Mission District's Dolores Park.

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