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  1. Flower Child

    A young Flower Hmong woman smiles for a photograph in Bac Ha, Viet Nam. It's often difficult to discern whether you should blame a young Flower Hmong woman's beautiful dress or facial features as the reason you can't stop looking at her.

  2. Rose Parade

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  3. Palace of King's Flower H'Mong

    Hoang A Tuong Palace located in the center of Bac Ha district, Lao Cai province. Dinh Hoang A Tuong architectural style Asia - Europe combined, create harmony, texture rectangle continuous closed.

  4. The Valley Below

    A Hmong woman pauses briefly to view the vast valley below in Sa Pa, Viet Nam, as she walks from the town center back to her village.

  5. Into the Mountains

    A young Hmong guide stops to smile for a photograph outside of Sa Pa, in northern Viet Nam. Like many Hmong women of her generation, she has chosen to forgo a life of toiling in the fields, opting instead to cast her lot with the country's growing tourism industry.

  6. Roses for Ramadan

    Despite the fact that nearly everyone is fasting, the Muslim holy month of Ramadan can be one of the most festive times of year in Bangladesh. With everyone decorating their homes, the flower markets are in full-swing, and these vendors were thrilled to show off their wares to the clueless white girl with the camera.

  7. Orchid

  8. Orchid in Belize

    A pleasant surprise to find these orchids while on a walk just outside my Log Cabinn resort in Belize.

  9. Red in the morn

    A red gumamela flower offers a nice touch in Filipino gardens. This one was taken at the cool city of Tagaytay where people come for a retreat from the urban jungle.

  10. Hmong Smile

    A Hmong woman in Sapa, Vietnam. The Hmong are one of Vietnam's 54 ethnic minority groups.