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  1. Church in Greenland

    This is a Protestant church in Illulissat, Greenland. The population of the town is 5,000.

  2. Water Meter

    This Bay area water meter features a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge.

  3. Stream of Life

    The little creek that was in the Nature Center when taking one of the small trails they have to offer. It's fun, and a great place to escape from reality to relax, or to take some photographs :)

  4. Fresh Water Lake

    This Lake lies on dominica, and the clouds are so close to it that we were lucky to see it this day...it could be completly covered sometimes. It's water is spring water and the lake has volcanic origins

  5. Ruby Sky

    The sunset reminds me of a grape-fruit color ruby. But it also reminded me of the restaurant shown here (on the pier left near the edge) which is Ruby's Restaurant.

  6. Skulk

    What are you staring at? is it your fragment of your imagination?

  7. Poolside

    Beside a pool late in the afternoon on top of a mountain at a ski resort.

  8. Stream of Life II

    Different angle of the same stream, but most of all, nature is showing its finest w/natural lighting.

  9. Venice from my window....

  10. Greenlandic boat dock

    Guess they just wait until Spring to take the boats out (town of Illulissat, Greenland).