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  1. Iceberg in Greenland

    Just outside the town of Illulissat, Greenland. They say that the iceberg that sank the Titanic probably came from here.

  2. Fresh fish

    Catch of the day in Illullisat, Greenland.

  3. Bellagio Fountain Show

    When the sun set's the water fountain comes out to play. Gliding across the lake, in front of the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, water and music synchronize into one.

  4. Ute Chief Spring

    Ute Chief Spring, one of the many mineral springs in Manitou Springs, Colorado which is located at the far end of town.

  5. Dawn over Lake Atitlan

    Lake Atitlan is often described as Guatemala's Riviera. I was staying in the small town of Santa Catarina on the edge of lake and got up early one morning to take this shot by the local jetty and with the volcanoes in the background.

  6. Red

    Salt lakes of Chott El Jerid, Southern Tunisia.

  7. Days End

    Drawing the day to an end, enjoying the bliss of a wonderful sunset, rephrasing it into classical style and lush of silhouettes..

    Taken at Huntington Beach, California

  8. Early Morning Crown Fountain

    One sole child sitting in the water early in the morning at Crown Fountain in Millennium Park, Chicago.

  9. Kids Playing in Crown Fountain

    On a hot day in Chicago, hundreds come to Millennium Park to cool off in Crown Fountain.

  10. Life

    the bird represents us, the waves the chaos of the world that surrounds us, politically, environmentally, racially, religiously... yet we move on with life from one calamity into uncertainty, hoping for light at the end of every tunnel we go through..