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  1. oceanchildren

    these children look as if they are being drawn to the ominous waves before them. Jensen Beach is a great place to just watch things happen.

  2. Night splash

    This fountain can be found at Greenbelt 3 in Makati City, Philippines. It stands near the strips of Restaurants where friends, families and workmates dine.

    Many meet around this fountain area and some take time to have their picture taken here.

  3. Breaking Waves

    The dangerous tides crash strong waves onto the shore at Baker Beach.

  4. Bikes at Baker Beach

    These cyclists were making their way to the shore to enjoy the waves at the sun was setting.

  5. Songkran new year festival in Koh Chang, Thailand

    If you think that water fights are just for kids, think again when visiting Thailand in April. From little toddlers to older folks, all take part, and if you think being a farang (foreigner in Thai) excuses you from getting wet, no chance!

  6. The Bridge

    This is the bridge at my lake house on Tate mountain

  7. Beslan School Number One

    Because the terrorists denied the hostages water during the stand off, many of the children resorted to drinking their own urine to stay alive. In addition to flowers, water is left in remembrance.

  8. Beslan School Number One

    Because the terrorists denied the hostages water, some resorted to drinking their own urine while others died of dehydration. Water has become an important symbol at the school, as shown by these stone slabs that has water trickling down the front surface.

  9. West Beach

    West Beach is "the other" beach in Santa Barbara. It's where people launch their sail boats and wind surfing equipment.

  10. Philippines, Mindanao, young girl at the beach

    Philippines, Mindanao, Young girl having fun at the beach